Updating trainz assessment

22-Jul-2017 19:05

The personalized program starts with an initial cognitive evaluation to assess updating and other fundamental cognitive functions.

Based on the results from this assessment, the program automatically creates personalized training program to suit the specific needs of each user.

Professional, to see if a worker will be able to catch any errors in their work.

With the complete neuropsychological assessment from Cogni Fit, you can easily and accurately assess a number of different cognitive skills, like updating, shifting, hand-eye coordination, processing speed, inhibition, naming, contextual memory, working memory, visual memory, recognition, and response time.

Consistent training is the key to improving updating, and Cogni Fit has professional assessment and rehabilitation tools to help optimize this cognitive function.

The best brain training only requires 15 minutes a day, two to three times a week.

Guidelines are available online for those who would like to contribute articles on outcomes assessment in higher education.

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